This game was created as part of the Chillennium Game Jam 2018 by the team #hyperthreadinghuskers.

Character Overview

The main character is a subject in a secret government program called the "Special Weapons Project," designed to create super soldiers. The game starts as the character awakens and realizes they must escape. In order to succeed, the main character must solicit help from another program subject and escape together. Should they fail to find their friend or abandon the friend altogether, the character will have transformed into a monster in the end. Should they succeed in escaping, they will have transformed into a better person.


Xbox controls: Left joystick to move, A for action/attack
Keyboard/mouse controls: WASD or arrow keys to move, left mouse button for action/attack

To exit the game, navigate back to the start screen or force quit mid-game.

Install instructions

This game should run as a standalone game once unzipped. You may also play in-browser instead of downloading.


Download 70 MB
Download 73 MB
Download 74 MB


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If the downloadable executable is not working, refer to for the final version. The Builds folder has the version that was SUPPOSED to be submitted.

Sorry for any inconvenience.