This game was created as part of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Philosophy Game Jam 2020 based on the theme "Ethics and Technology." This game was designed to poke at concerns surrounding excessive recording and the "always on" functionality of smart home devices.

Game Overview

You get to control your very own Sally Squared device! You are an elf inside of the So Sally device charged with recording the people and transmitting audio clips to/from HQ. It is your responsibility to record only when prompted or else the people may deem it unethical and unplug the device.

- Record  only when you see the phrase "So Sally..." until the text stops to get points.
- Do not record when you do not see the phrase "So Sally..." or you will lose points!

- A/S or Arrow keys to move left/right
- Spacebar or click while on the record button to start/stop recording

To exit the game at any time, you can use Alt+F4 on Windows or the equivalent on Mac/Linux to force quit the game.

Good luck!

Install instructions

This game should run as a standalone game once unzipped. You may also play in-browser instead of downloading.


Download 18 MB
Download 20 MB
Download 21 MB

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